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What’s the strategy and what IP tools are needed to protect your innovation? When is the right time to apply for IP protection? In which markets?

Working with biological material? Need to understand compliance requirements to access genetic resources from Brazil for R&D or business purposes?

R$ 1.200

approximately US$ 221

Spot Consulting with Diana Jungmann

If you’re looking for the right guidance towards IP strategy of creative businesses or how to comply with regulatory issues related to access of genetic resources from biodiversity, then a Spot Consulting session with Diana is what you need to advance your work. If you don’t want to take the risk of losing your intellectual assets, nor be liable for non-compliance regulatory issues, talk to me. The advice I share, comes from real practical knowledge.

  • Inventor of Easi-Grid™, a successful laboratory device patented in the US and Germany commercialized worldwide over 18 years.
  • Head and spokesperson of IP and Bioeconomy of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI).
  • Planner, co-author and coordinator of the award winning National IP Program for Industry Innovation which impacted over half a million people by providing free educational and capacity building tools on IP.
  • Brazilian IP Ambassador of the International Chamber of Commerce ICC Headquater, Paris.
  • Bioeconomy Forum Coordinator and co-author of the first Bioeconomy Agenda for Brazil.
  • Member of the CNI’s articulation nucleus with the Industry and Federal Government on the subject of the construction of the new national regulatory framework for “Access and Benefit Sharing” (ABS) that created the Law 13.123/2015 and the 8.772/2016 Regulation Decree.
  • Professional speaker in international events in cities like Seoul, Geneva, Brussels, Lisbon, Washington, San Francisco, Paris, Durban, Mexico City, San Jose of Costa Rica, London among other. In Brazil delivered her work in 25 out of 27 Federal States.
  • Member of the National Antipiracy Council of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.
  • Bioentrepreneur Visiting Lecturer at the Pernambuco Federal University.

How does the Spot Consulting work?

Book a session by choosing a date and time available that suits you and pay within 48 hours to confirm your session. You will receive a confirmation message of your Spot Consulting with Diana plus a link with questions that should be answered in advance. This will help Diana gets straight to the point of your queries.

To make the most of your Spot Consulting session, be sure you are in a fast, stable internet connection. Be in an environment free of distractions with high-quality headphones, mic and video.

How Can I Cancel or Reschedule my Session?

You can cancel or reschedule your session up to 48 hours before the Spot Consulting by contacting 14bisness. After this period, rescheduling and refunds will not be available, with the exception of unavoidable accidents that are duly informed.

In the event 14Bisness needs to cancel a session, you may choose to book a new date and time or be fully refunded.

What do I get from my Spot Consulting?

Diana will give you a block of time for a one-on-one session to help you gain clarity on any issues or challenging problems you have regarding Intellectual Property and/or Access to Biodiversity, guiding you towards possible solutions.

About Diana

I’m a former scientist with PhD in Molecular Biology and MSc in Biophysics. I hold Executive Education in Intellectual Property and Business Strategy from Harvard Business School (US), in Business and Innovation Management from IMD, (Switzerland) and from Wharton, Pennsylvania (US). Within Bioeconomy I am specialized in Biodiversity Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) regulatory compliance. As a senior professional with solid academic qualification and business skills with a multidisciplinary career path and broad international experience, I am actively engaged in high level discussions with industry, R&D institutions and government leaders about industrial policies, IP, innovation and bioeconomy. I am the author of several publications on my area of expertise and an active event speaker in Brazil and abroad.

After working over a decade as Head of IP and Bioeconomy at the highest-level organization representing Brazilian industry, now I own my consulting practice helping entrepreneurs by sharing my experiences. I’m making myself available so that you can get one-on-one consultancy about key issues that matter for you and your business.

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